HARRPA collects pertinent literature and prepare industry position papers

Revision of the Renewable Energy Directive II: HARRPA supports strong and binding cascading use of biomass principle (December 2022)

HARRPA Press release: Study: Crude tall oil availability insufficient to meet potential biofuels demands (December 2020)

HARRPA Procedure to assess odor intensity and identify odor sources (December 2020)

HARRPA Communication paper on KKDIK Exemption of Tall Oil Fatty Acids (TOFA) from the Obligation to Register under Annex V.9 (Febrary 2020)

HARRPA Paper on mineral oil contamination in food and food contact materials (August 2019)

HARRPA Statement on the JRC Guidance Document (August 2019)

HARRPA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Food Contact Substances (December 2018)

The place of resins in the mineral oil discussion  (September 2018)

REDII Industry-NGO coalition call for concluding negotiations about raw material market distortions and separate collection of waste (May 2018)

HARRPA position on Resin and Mineral Oil Analysis in Food Contact Materials (December 2017, replacing previous versions)

Cefic bioeconomy presentation on RED II from HARRPA CTO perspective   (October 2017)

Tall Oil Fatty Acids Review of Dermal Sensitization Hazard (sponsored by Kraton)   (October 2017)

HARRPA CTO TF position on the Commission Proposal for a revised Renewable Energy Directive (July 2017)

What is Tall Oil? (March 2017) - Detailled infographic on Crude Tall Oil in EU (May 2017)

HARRPA Statement on Safe Handling of Hot Rosin/Resins (November 2016)

HARRPA Communication paper on REACH Exemption of Tall Oil Fatty Acids (TOFA) from the Obligation to Register under Annex V.9 (March 2016)

HARRPA LCA on fortified rosin esters (October 2015)

HARRPA Statement on Volatile Organic Compounds (August 2015)

HARRPA Statement on Resins and EU Food Contact Legislation (August 2015)

Fortified Rosin Esters classification change HARRPA Statement (December 2014)

Resin Dust Explosion Risks (June 2014)


Links to external relevant papers/websites

Laboratory Lommatzsch : Feasibility study concerning the differentiation of mineral oil hydrocarbons from recycled cardboard and oligomers from resins via multidimensional chromatography (April 2017)

Pine Chemicals Association website

Pine Chemicals Association Press Release on Fraunhofer Study (May 2016)

Fraunhofer Analysis of the European Crude Tall Oil Industry - Environmental Impact, Socio-economic value & Downstream Potential (May 2016)

FEICA website

FEICA guidance on evaluating the food contact status for adhesives containing mineral oil hydrocarbons (May 2017)

Cefic Specialty Chemicals Department website

Cefic website