Rosin Resins & Pine Chemicals

Rosin is one of the most important raw material to obtain such resins (rosin resins) : modifications of rosin enable the creation of many different resins with various applications.

RR&PC also covers valuable co-products obtained while processing one of the raw material called Crude Tall Oil (CTO) : Tall Oil Fatty Acids, Distilled Tall Oil, and Tall Oil Pitch. Terpens originating from pine trees are traditionnaly not covered by HARRPA RR&PC.

RR&PC represents the pine chemicals industry in Europe. It may been seen as the European homologue of the Pine Chemicals Association (PCA) which is based in the USA.

Products covered by RR&PC are biobased and sustainable products, originally issued from harvested pine trees. Pine trees are a renewable resource, (not competing with foodcrops & not impoverishing soils) and issued from cultivated forest.